Suhas Talekar- Business Professional

Mismanagement – Micromanaging

A Micromanager is a manager who personally takes every decision, has the lead role in every possible task. He/ She may dictate every small steps that the employees have to undertake. He/ She in cases of large amount of employees may tend to be a control freak and would rarely trust his employees and consider […]


Paypal Express API Integration with OSCommerce

You can accept payments on your OSCommerce enabled website using Paypal Express. The below tutorial explains the detailed workabout to implement this. Step 1: Make sure you have your OSCommerce Website up. Login to the admin section. The URL usually is ( Unless you have changed it) Step 2: On the left hand side […]

Software Development

Oracle Data Pump

Datapump is a server based bulk data movement infrastructure that supersedes the import and export utilities for Oracle Database. The old export/ import tools are still available, but do not support all Oracle 10g and 11g features. This new utilities are well known as expdp and impdp. Here’s how you use the commands: For example, […]

Software Development

Java Cards Web Project Setup

An interesting platform of Java Cards , which runs JVM on smart cards. With the release of Java Cards 3.0, it has it more interesting options. The two flavors are : Classic : The same kind as of the earlier Java Cards. This platform is limited . As it goes, you cannot implement String or […]


Experiment with a non-recognized USB Modem on Linux

Recently, I tried setting up a USB modem on Linux but it never went through easily. Below are the tips and results of my experiments to make ZTE AC 8710 USB Modem work on Ubuntu linux. STEP 1 : Making UBUNTU recognize the Modem as a Modem and not USB storage. ZTE AC8710 do have […]