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Controlling business puppet conceptA Micromanager is a manager who personally takes every decision, has the lead role in every possible task. He/ She may dictate every small steps that the employees have to undertake. He/ She in cases of large amount of employees may tend to be a control freak and would rarely trust his employees and consider their opinions.

Micromanagement is well known and recognized by most managers, however most of them fail to recognize that they are indeed practising it. Accepting your management style is the first step towards fixing micromanagement. A micro manager may be of authoritarian nature taking all the responsibilties for everything and may also be of the belief that he/she has to do it personally, in case he wants it to be done. This may create undue stress for his employees. The shortcomings of micromanagement are more evident in the process of delegating. Delegation is primary skill pertaining to effective management, however a micromanager fails to follow proper delegation concepts.

Some of the micromanager’s management style characteristics could be as below:

  • He is not effective at delegating properly.
  • His delegation of work would mostly include the mundane and unintersting tasks.
  • He may delegate stuffs but is impatient about the progress and often looks out in the task.

Micro management could be damaging to employee growth as well as his learning curve. The micro manager will not produce any successors for his position. This overall may result in his own promotions being stalled.

Some of the below tips could be practised at your firm, which would probably do wonders to your employee well being and ultimately your business.

  • Give employees decision making power. Let them own their work and create or add value to your business.
  • ¬†Articulate your expectations frequently and clearly. If you tend to be not clear , you may end up looking over the employee’s shoulder every now and then.
  • Give them an ownership stake. If employees own some stake in the business, they tend to work as their own. Many companies offer stocks to their employees. This build ownership sense and thus improves his vision and work style towards the business.

Striking the right balance between ownership and accountability is difficult. However, if this is implemented properly can improve employee contribution and do wonders to not only your business revenue, but also towards building a good company culture.

Best luck !

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